(#4) Yofu Gacho (Album of Japanese Landscapes) Taniguchi Kokyo, 1895


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A rare and outstanding series of traditional Japanese landscape prints by one of the masters of the Kyoto School.

Rendered in an exquisitely restrained palette and now beautifully aged.

This is an antique, hand-crafted woodblock print from the original 1895 edition of Yofu Gacho published by Unsodo, Kyoto

The same print is also held in the national Dutch collection at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

About the Author

Taniguchi Kokyo was one of the most important Meiji print artists.

He was born into a cloth merchant family in Kyoto, and from age 21 studied under the master of kacho-e print Kono Bairei.

Kokyo founded Kyoto School and taught at Kyoto Municipal School of Fine Arts and Crafts and Kyoto Specialist School of Painting.

He specialised in landscape and bird and flower prints (kacho-e).

Additional information

Dimensions 443 x 381 mm

Yofu Gacho : "Album of Japanese Landscapes"


Taniguchi Kokyo, 1864-1915


Unsodo, Kyoto, 1895


Pale cream, conservation grade