(#2) Yofu Gacho (Album of Japanese Landscapes) Takeuchi Seiho, 1895


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A rare and outstanding series of traditional Japanese landscape prints by one of the masters of the Kyoto School.

Rendered in an exquisitely restrained palette and now beautifully aged.

This is an antique, hand-crafted woodblock print from the original 1895 edition of Yofu Gacho published by Unsodo, Kyoto

The same print is also held in the national Dutch collection at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

About the Author

Seiho was born in Kyoto and as a child, he loved to draw and wanted to become an artist. He trained under Kono Bairei of the Maruyama-Shijo school of traditional painting and in 1882, two of his works received awards at the Naikoku Kaiga Kyoshinkai (Domestic Painting Competition), one of the first modern painting competitions in Japan, which launched him on his career.

During the Exposition Universelle in Paris (1900), he toured Europe, where he studied Western art. After returning to Japan he established a unique style, combining the realist techniques of the traditional Japanese Maruyama-Shijo school with Western forms of realism borrowed from the techniques of Turner and Corot.

Seiho established his own private school of art, the Chikujokai and many of his students later went on to establish themselves as noted artists, including Tokuoka Shinsen and Uemura Shoen.

In 1913, Seiho was appointed as a court painter to the Imperial Household, and in 1919 he was nominated to the Imperial Fine Arts Academy (Teikoku Bijutsuin).

Seiho was one of the first persons to be awarded the Order of Culture when it was established in 1937.

Additional information

Dimensions 443 x 381 mm

Yofu Gacho : "Album of Japanese Landscapes"


Takeuchi Seiho, 1864-1942


Unsodo, Kyoto, 1895


Pale cream, conservation grade