(#17) Korin Gafu (Album of Korin’s Work) Hochu Nakamura, 1802 (1895 / 2005)


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Nakamura’s series, first published in 1802 was loosely based on Ogata Korin’s earlier compositions but portrayed in a consciously less polished, humorous style.

It alternates floral and animal compositions with an original and astonishing brevity of brush strokes.

Nakamura’s series itself has become one the signature works of Japanese ehon and as Hillier writes “…must be numbered among the most exceptional picture-books in the world.”

The authentic hand-made wood block print for sale on this page was published by Unsodo in 2005 using the same cherry wood blocks as in their 1895 edition of Korin Gafu.

About the Author

Ogata Korin gave name to the Rinpa school of art in Kyoto in the late seventeenth century, characterized by bold impressionism and simple, idealized forms.

His style profoundly altered the course of Japanese decorative art and a century later his work was the subject of Hocho Nakamura’s “Album of Pictures by Korin”.

Additional information

Dimensions 530 x 420 mm

Korin Gafu : "Album of Korin's work"


Hochu Nakamura (active about 1799–1818)


Unsodo, Kyoto, 2005


Pale cream, conservation grade


Loose registration, solid key lines. Beautiful pastel shades. Bleed through to verso. Excellent.