(#15) Seiyou Souka Zufu (European Flowers) Tanigami Konan, 1917


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These vibrant antique woodblock flower prints are the work of Taisho era Japanese artist Tanigami Konan.

In 1917 he assembled a vast array of popular European and American flowers and faithfully reproduced them in coloured woodblock print form.

About the Author

Tanigami Konan’s woodblocks represent a pinnacle achievement in traditional Japanese woodblock floral artistry.

He is considered one of the top Japanese artisans of the Shin Hanga or “New Print” movement.

Additional information

Dimensions 500 x 409 mm

"Seiyou Souka Zufu" : "European Flowers"


Tanigami Konan, 1879 – 1928


Unsodo, Kyoto, 1917


Pale cream, conservation grade