(#14) Asagiri (Morning Mist) Ota Saburo, 1912


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Saburo’s Asagiri series is a hybrid of lithography and colour woodblock art that constitutes a truly original work.

It is recognized as one of the most important developments of the genre in the twentieth century.

This is an antique, hand-crafted woodblock / lithography print from the original 1912 edition of “Asagiri” published by Ohashi Mitsukichi, Tokyo

The same print is also held in the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

About the Author

Ota Saburo was born in Aichi prefecture in 1884 and moved to Tokyo at the age of 17 where he studied Western-style painting with Kuroda Seiki and Japanese-style painting with Terazaki Kogyo.

By 1910 his paintings were being exhibited at the Bunten, the government-sponsored art exhibition in Tokyo in the style of the French Salon.

Between 1912 and 1915 he made woodblock prints including the wonderfully original and truly beautiful Asagiri “Morning Mist” series.

In 1920 he went abroad and studied for three years in France before returning to Japan where he continued his successful career as a painter.

Additional information

Dimensions 204 x 278 mm

"Asagiri" : "Morning Mist"


Ota Saburo, 1884-1969


Ohashi Mitsukichi, Tokyo 1912


Pale cream, conservation grade