(#13) Keika Hyakugiku (One Hundred Varieties of Chrysanthemum) Keika Hasegawa, 1893


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Influenced by earlier Japanese botanical studies (Kacho-e ) and the introduction of the Pre-Raphaelite movement to Japan, these rare & delicate woodblock prints were printed in colour and finished with additional colour by hand.

The chrysanthemem is Japan’s most famous & important flower of which it is said that the unfolding is a symbol of perfect order.

Keika Hasegawa’s work is a wonderful collection of the many examples of this complex and varied botanical species.

The original 1893 antique Hasegawa prints we offer for sale display lovely delicate colours – more beautiful than the later Unsodo reprint of 1903.

Prints from the same 1893 series can also be found in the Dawes collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

About the Author

Keika Hasegawa, active from 1893-1905, is best known for his study of One Hundred Varieties of Chrysanthemums (Keika Hyakugiku) published by Yamada Naosaburo in 1893

Calligraphy is by Imaizumi Yusaku (1850 – 1931)

Additional information

Dimensions 365 x 485 mm

"Keika Hyakugiku" : "One Hundred Varieties of Chrysanthemum"


Keika Hasegawa (active 1893-1905)


Yamada Naosaburo, Kyoto, 1893


Pale cream, conservation grade