(#13) Kazan Gafu (Album of Kazan’s work) Watanabe Kazan, 1880 (1911 / 2006)


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The authentic hand-made wood block print for sale on this page was published by Unsodo in 2006 using the same cherry wood blocks as in their 1911 edition of Kazan Gafu

About the Author

Watanabe Kazan was born into a poor Samurai family in Edo on 20 October 1793 and studied painting to earn a living.

He was an artist of great originality who mastered the techniques of European art.

He was successful in adding Western perspective to traditional Oriental techniques and created more realistic painting without producing a jarring effect.

However in 1837, after the Shogunate expelled the “USS Morrison” trading delegation from Tokyo Bay his influence and pro-western leanings led to his house arrest and subsequent ritual suicide in 1841.

His death delayed the integration of Japeanese and Western art by some decades.

Watanabe Kazan is today recognized as a key figure in the development of Japanese art and his “Portrait of Takami Senseki” in Tokyo Museum is regarded as a national treasure.

Additional information

Dimensions 480 x 420 mm

"Kazan Gafu" : "Album of Kazan's work"


Watanabe Kazan, 1793-1841


Unsodo, Kyoto, 2006


Pale cream, conservation grade