(#11) Tamahiro Gashu “Once Upon a Time, Long Ago” Shimomura Tamahiro, 1925 (2005)


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“Once Upon a Time, Long Ago” was created late in the life of Shimomura Tamahiro and retrospectively explores his designs as art inspired with a fairy tale theme.

The series is comprised of sixteen innovative designs based on classical Japanese fairy tales including The Tale of the Bamboo-Cutter, The Lady Sparrow and The Monkey and the Crab.

In its attractive use of shapes, colour, patterns and lines “Once Upon a Time, Long Ago” represents an early, pioneering example of Japanese modernism.

The authentic hand-made wood block print for sale on this page was published by Unsodo in 2005 using the same cherry wood blocks as in their original 1925 edition of Tamahiro Gashu.

About the Author

Shimomura Tamahiro was an important designer who contributed much to the Kyoto textile design world.

Additional information

Dimensions 323 x 398 mm

"Tamahiro Gashu" : "Once Upon a Time, Long Ago"


Shimomura Tamahiro, 1878-1926


Unsodo, Kyoto, 2005


Pale cream, conservation grade