(#11) “Komatsu-Hiki” Zeshin Shun’Yodo, Tokyo, 1890


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It was a custom in ancient Japan that people would take up little pine trees to the field; and this has been called Komatsu-hiki.

This is an antique, hand-crafted woodblock print from the 1890 first edition of “Bijutsu Sekai” published by Shun’Yodo, Tokyo

About the Author

“Bijutsu Sekai” or “World of Art” was a renowned Meiji period art magazine established in 1890 to showcase Japanese artists to a domestic audience.

The Introduction of the first issue wrote “We do not publish this for money. That we aim at is none but the interests of our arts. Both modern and ancient pictures will be taken up. Those which are excellent in design will be selected. The schools will not be regarded…all pictures are engraved on wood, and printed by hand.”

Its contributors were nearly all the important artists of the decade including Yoshitoshi, Seitei, Kyosai, Zeshin, Toshikata and Bairei.

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Dimensions 303 x 385 mm





Shun'Yodo, Tokyo, 1890


Pale cream, conservation grade