(#10) Sen Ryo Do (Senryu The Hidden Dragon) Kiyoshi Takizawa, active 1880’s and 1890’s


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A lovely and very rare series of wood cut pictures hand printed on washi paper in Kyoto, 1903.

The work displays a delightful variety of flowers, grasses, insects, reptiles and amphibians using a sensitive palette of natural colours.

These are early impression prints and demonstrate Takizawa’s outstanding technical and artistic skill with a superb representation of the detail and beauty of the natural world.

This is an antique, original hand-crafted woodblock print from the 1903 edition of “Sen Ryo Do” published by Unsodo, Kyoto

The same print is also held in the collections of the British Museum and Amherst College, Massachusetts

About the Author

Kiyoshi Takizawa was a skilled and celebrated artist active during the 1880’s and 1890’s and known for his detailed nature drawings and illustrated books.

He used “Sen Ryo Do” as one of his studio names, which also means “A Dragon Was Hiding.”

Additional information

Dimensions 420 x 358 mm

"Sen Ryo Do" : "Senryu The Hidden Dragon"


Kiyoshi Takizawa, active 1880's and 1890's


Unsodo, Kyoto, 1903


Pale cream, conservation grade