(#10) Churui Gafu (Album of Insect Pictures)Kikuchi Hobun & Takeuchi Seiho, 1910



A truly delightful and accomplished series of colour woodblock illustrations of insects in flight and on plants.

The illustrations show much delicacy of touch.

The insects range from butterflies and dragonflies to cicadas and caterpillars.

This is an antique, hand-crafted woodblock print from the original 1910 edition of “Churui Gafu” published by Unsodo, Kyoto

About the Author

The woodblock illustrators of this work are Takeuchi Seiho and Kikuchi Hobun (also known as Tsunejiro).

Additional information

Dimensions 425 x 376 mm

"Churui Gafu" : "Album of Insect Pictures"


Kikuchi Hobun, 1862-1918 and Takeuchi Seiho, 1864-1942


Unsodo, Kyoto, 1910


Pale cream, conservation grade