(#1) Imayo Sugata (Modern Figures of Fashion) Utagawa Toyokuni, 1802 (1916)


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“Imayo Sugata” depicting courtesans and their attendants at various occupations was first published in 1802 and is regarded as one of Toyokuni’ best works.

The authentic hand-made wood block prints for sale on this page were published by Fuzoku Emaki Zuga Kankokai in Tokyo in 1916 using recut wood blocks by master cutter Otsuka Yuji

Almost a hundred years old themselves, these prints now exhibit beautifully antiqued colour tones that only extensive aging can produce.

Toyokuni’s Imayo Sugata series is held in the British Museum collection, The Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge) and Berkely Art Museum.

About the Author

Utagawa Toyokuni illustrated some 180 books as well as producing a large number of prints and is widely recognized as one of the finest ukiyo-e artists.

Toyokuni’s drawing style became the standard for nineteenth-century actor portraiture, whose principles were set down in his one-volume book Yakusha nigao haya-geiko “Quick Instruction in the Drawing of Actor Likenesses” published in 1817.

Toyokuni and his pupils, especially Kunisada and Kuniyoshi, dominated their field during the first sixty years of the nineteenth century.

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Dimensions 444 x 369 mm

"Imayo Sugata" : "Modern Figures of Fashion"


Utagawa Toyokuni, 1769-1825


Fuzoku Emaki Zuga Kankokai and Yoshikawa Kobunkani, Tokyo, 1916


Pale cream, conservation grade