All items sold on this website are genuine woodblock prints, hand-crafted in Japan using traditional materials at the date stated.

We do not sell reproductions, facsimiles, lithographs, photocopies, digital prints, giclee images or anything other than genuine woodblock prints hand-crafted in Japan.

“Antique” refers to an item at least 100 years old.

“Original” refers to an item that was printed during the artist’s lifetime using the original wooden blocks.

“Authentic” refers to a hand crafted woodblock print on washi paper using re-carved or original wooden blocks (as specified) made in Japan at the date stated.

It should be noted that some of the most valuable prints in existence, for example the British Museum’s 1826 edition of “Korin Gafu”, are not technically “original”.

Instead, value is determined by a combination of originality of design, aesthetic appeal, rarity, technical complexity, size, physical condition, quality of impression, colour resolution, artist’s reputation and quality of original manufacture – with older prints generally being of a higher standard.

In consideration of the above, every print on this site is a valuable work of art and likely to increase its value over time as the availability of older, high quality woodblock prints inevitably declines.

All prints are mounted using high quality, acid-free conservation grade board guaranteed for 300 years against damage to the artwork.